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The foundation of executing our services extraordinarily is our team. The Ken Jefferies & Associates team is built of authentic individuals that embrace and cultivate relationships ensuring a leadership posistion within our markets. To ensure our team’s representation services are at the top of the curve we instill our personnel with the knowledge, skills, infrastructure, and technology they need to beat the competition. Our best in class headquarters facility serves as a training, sales support, and business support epicenter for our business partners and team. We host and facilitate training sessions for our business partners to ensure our sales professionals have the highest level of product training. We stay at the forefront of innovation by offering all sales professionals the latest in Apple technology which they use to stay organized, connected and prepared to offer award winning representation each and everyday.

Independent Dealers

Ken Jefferies & Associates Sales Professionals proactively and aggressively work with our network of independent dealers to ensure consistent growth for each of our valued business partners. We strive to beat the competition by focusing on fundamentals, demonstrating integrity, exceeding expectations and serving as a trustworthy partner to our customers. It is our responsibility to embrace the needs of our dealers, to provide them with best in class service and ultimately grow our business for many years to come.


The wholesale distributor network is a critical component of most manufactures’ business models. Interacting with our distributors in such a manner that evokes trust is paramount. We like to ask the question, “why would a distributor choose to sell our products over the competition?” The answer is because KJ&A serves as a solution based business associate; we make decisions and formulate strategies based on the customers needs and most importantly, dedicate the time, energy and resources necessary to exceed expectations. There is no substitute for taking the time to provide cohesive training for every product, to share successful selling tactics and to remedy challenges when they present themselves.

Big Box Retailers

KJ&A will help you grow your business at big box retailers by crafting business proposals unique to the needs of each retailer and working to make the buyers job a littler easier. We take the time to build product assortments based on regional trends, we work with the buying and merchandising teams to create point of purchase displays and we work with retailers to ensure compliance at store level. Creating consistent growth with big box retailers requires consistency, solid business acumen and a clear understanding of the customers needs.

Buying Groups

For years, we have worked with our clients to help formulate prudent buy group programs, we make significant investments in supporting all buy group shows and we support every buy group dealer by offering exceptional service. Our commitment to our buy group dealers goes far beyond the show halls at the convention centers. KJ&A Sales Professionals implement in-store training programs for our buy group members, we facilitate on site promotions and we provide work with our buy group customers to create innovative merchandising programs.

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